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What a time! The year prior to the pandemic, I performed in the workshop of Aaron Davidson's new musical, Watercolors, and started performing with The Shakespeare Project of Chicago, Trap Door Theatre, and Akvavit Theatre. Throughout the pandemic, I've continued studying Folio virtually with Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, and Voiceover with Acting Studio Chicago, and performed in a virtual production with Pegasus.

In September, I launched the largest project I've ever worked on, with the inaugural tour of The Connecting Routes ProjectWe tour the work of Chicago artists across the nation by train, striving to unite American communities through shared storytelling.  

Throughout their 2021 season, I worked at Maples Repertory Theatre in Missouri, playing Rooster in Annie and Benjamin in David Lindsay-Abaire's Ripcord. Coming back to Chicago, I understudied (and went on!) in a new Agatha Christie adaptation of The Secret Council at First Folio!


What's Next?


I am SO EXCITED to go into the Hundred Acre Wood with Disney's Winnie the Pooh, transferring to Chicago from Off-Broadway!


I am rotating in the roles of Tigger and Eeyore / Rabbit / Owl and you can catch us at the Mercury Theater through June 12!

See more about the show at!

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