What's New?


Thanks for visiting!  You saw my new landing page! There's also news below! And a new company I started! And new resumes! Lots of new things!

What's Up?


It's been a very busy year! Last summer, I performed in Galileo with Artspot Educational Theatre, touring Argentina and Uruguay.

Returning to Chicago, I taught 2 camps with Emerald City Theatre and performed in the workshop of Aaron Davidson's new musical, Watercolors.

I've been performing with The Shakespeare Project of Chicago, touring Chicagoland libraries in their productions of Hamlet and Richard III.

Up next, I will be appearing in Trap Door Theatre's production of Reality Theatre, part of their Open Door series.

What's Next?


I am very excited about my next project, the largest project I've ever worked on. I have founded a new touring arts collective in Chicago, The Connecting Routes Project (TCRP).

We will tour the work of Chicago artists, projects and companies to communities outside our own, connected by way of railroad.  Our first production is created in partnership with Ashley Laverty's company, Kerfuffle.

For more information, please visit www.connectingroutes.org!

Updated August 1, 2020.

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