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"It's not about the physical location, it's about the people and the experience."
-Quote from a Travel Channel commercial I saw in high school.  Immediately wrote it down. Have tried for years to find it, but no luck. #ThanksGoogle

As a photographer, I seek to embrace the vibrant colors and deep shadows of everyday life, wherever that may be in the world, and celebrate the beautiful souls who inhabit it.

I was the family historian growing up, always with a camera in my hand.  Didn't matter if it was a disposable, point-and-shoot, or grainy Nikon phone camera, I was constantly searching for the best way to capture my memories in a frame.  As an adult, that passion only grew, and when given the incredible opportunity to travel the world, I bought my first DSLR. Most photos you see here will be from that reliable, well-traveled, and lovingly-bruised Canon Rebel T3. 


Many years later, I've since upgraded equipment, now shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III - and it has hardly left my hand since coming out of the box.  I am now available for portraits, events, promotional, photojournalism - please reach out with any photography needs you may have!

I am in the process of editing photos from a cross-country Amtrak ride, a national park road trip, and my summer in Argentina - so many more photos are on their way! Please follow me on Instagram,, for future posts. This coming year, I'l be traveling to Bulgaria and look forward to exploring a new country through my lens.


An ongoing project throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is the #WhyIMask / #150masks collection. Within 150 days of the first COVID death in the United States, there has been 150,000 more losses. To promote the use of masks and to honor this tragedy, I am shooting 150 free mask portraits across Chicagoland this year. My first shots are featured below, please reach out if you'd like to take part in this project and meet for a free shoot!

Contact me through this form, or by emailing for prints or to schedule a shoot today! portfolio
#WhyIMask / #150masks
For their #WhyIMask stories and more photos, follow me on Instagram,
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